Holiday Hankies for 2005                                                           LDS Hankies
Choose Traditional, Custom or Personalized Handkerchiefs!
    Birthday Temple Hankies are available in three classes: Traditional (no custom or personalized printing), Customized (imprinted with your ward/stake or group name), or Personalized (imprinted with the group name, individual name and birth date of each group member as supplied via a database list by you to us!).Hankies can be ordered in any class, examples of each class are shown above in the group of three hankies.

Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3
1. Choose the hankie(s) you wish to order.
Call us at one of the numbers listed below.
Tell us the product number(s) and the number of hankies you'd like and we'll take your order.

    All hankies are individually wrapped in plastic pouches and make an impressive presentation. All orders will include an invoice for payment and will be shipped via US Mail unless other arrangements are made. Will-call pickups will also be available upon request.

To Order, call: 801-533-9974
or 1-800-347-4482

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